Anyone can submit a story and be considered for publishing at Sheulogy.com. Authors and non-fiction writers are especially welcomed. Shoe lovers, of course. We delight in the stories of entrepreneurs, innovators, and color-outside-the-liners who’ve chosen the path less traveled. Make us smile, laugh, cry, or learn something while reading the story of a unique obstacle you’ve overcome or direction you’ve taken.

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Did you leave a corporate job and drop the stilettos? Did you hike the Appalachian Trail on a whim? Did you walk out the door of an abusive relationship? Did you study abroad and learn a new language? Did you decide to start a business? Did you start running after a divorce? Did you wear power shoes to a big interview? Did you board a plane to meet your birth mom? Did you embark on a spiritual pilgrimage? Did you give birth in a taxi? Did you meet someone at a grocery store that changed your life?

From public figures to amazing everyday people, contributors from all walks of life will be considered for publication at Sheulogy.com.

We like to think of it as a co-creative online gallery, a special collection of compelling, well-written stories about personal journeys that inspire and promote understanding.

“A good eulogy is a celebration of life. A good sheulogy is a celebration of life and shoes.”
– Tara Sage, Sheulogy.com founder & curator

At its heart, the Sheulogy mission is about promoting kindness, empathy, and understanding for different experiences and points of view (something we think the world really needs right now). Through online and in-person connections, we are bringing together a global community of shoe lovers and storytellers to connect in meaningful ways.

If you are moved by the idea of opening walk-a-mile-in-my-shoes “windows” into personal journeys and the shoes we each walk in, then Sheulogy.com is for YOU. It is a place of participation, so let your voice be heard. Share your story, comment on someone else’s – or both!

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