What’s a Sheulogy? 

sheu·lo·gy /ˈsho͞oləjē/ A speech or piece of writing that memorializes a favorite pair of worn out shoes. 

Stories connect us

Share your story, comment on someone else’s story – or both! Sheulogy.com is a place of participation and connection, so let your voice be heard. 

We all have a story

A sheulogy conveys simple elegant truths, giving us a glimpse into the unique journey of an individual, and their shoes.

where our paths cross

Our hearts expand when we open to the experiences of others and see our shared humanity.

The shoes

Shoes help get us where we want to go, in style, and we love them for it.

Featured sheulogy stories

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Comments from readers

“What a brilliant and original concept for a writer’s gallery – and an excellent writing prompt.”

Daniella Levy | Author, The Rejection Survival Guide

What you have shared here is so beautiful and brave. It is also a reminder of how extraordinary gifts that change the world come from flawed people and places we would never expect.

Dawn Richerson | Visual Artist, Georgia


“Letting go is always hard. What a strong, brave young lady.”

Richard Horn | Therapist, Florida

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