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Snake Oil

As I do every morning, I put shoes on to walk my dog, Cosmo. On this particular morning, I chose the stylin' cowboy boots I bought second-hand at a boutique in Richmond, Virginia. Unlike all days prior, my reason for wearing them was not because they are cute and...

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Memory of a Murder

It was a beautiful Monday morning, full of promise. I slipped on my surprisingly comfortable pink leather pumps. I have very fussy feet. I was given a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy, fancy words for when doctors don’t know why numbness occurs in the feet. C'est la...

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Shoe Haikus

Shoes and pocketbooks A deep personal feeling Make me come alive. As I dress my feet Looking down at today's choice I am completed. When my kids were young Had short hair and wore black heels Kept it simple then. I float in shoe stores Keep adrenaline controlled Until...

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Q&A Interview With Trish Hopkinson

Below is a copy of Sheulogy's editor interview with author and poet, Trish Hopkinson. Sheulogy is the new online passion project of Founder Tara Sage. Think Humans of New York appeal + the art of true storytelling rivaling The Moth Radio Hour + a global community of...

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Father’s Day, Part 1

Father’s Day has long been a tough one for me. For many years I didn't acknowledge the holiday at all. These past few year though, I've made a habit of sending three special Father's Day cards: one to my step-father, one to my uncle, and one to my sister's wife...

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Peripheral Vision

A strange thing happens to shoes here in Barbados. If you don’t wear them, they fall apart. Literally. If you ask someone here about it they will tell you “the shoe dry rot”. I have experienced this first hand. I wore a pair of sneakers on a plane from Barbados to...

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Growing Fast

As told by her mom: These shoes were destined to be hers. I love a bargain and, headed to a yard sale, I asked Mira - my then 4 year old - if there was anything she wanted me to be on the lookout for, for her. She answered: "I want sparkly red Dorothy shoes." Mira had...

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Who is Eligible to Submit a Story?

Anyone can submit a story and be considered for publishing at Sheulogy.com. Authors and non-fiction writers are especially welcomed. Shoe lovers, of course. We delight in the stories of entrepreneurs, innovators, and color-outside-the-liners who've chosen the path...

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I Chose Purple

I was 15 years old, frizzy hair, and no idea who I was. Standing in the JC Penney shoe department searching for a pair of sneakers, my heart leapt at the sight of purple Skechers. I loved that they were different, unique. They were quirky - like me. I saw myself in...

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What I Remember

It was my ninth or tenth birthday. I don’t remember. My parents decided to bring me to see a movie. I don’t remember which movie. I didn’t care. What I do remember are my Heelys. They were all the rage back then.  I remember how they looked, colorful: black, red,...

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The Ugly Pair

My love, We have walked beside each other for nearly fourteen years. You have admired most of the shoes I’ve worn along our journey. The sparkly exciting shoes of new romance, the adventurous shoes that have traveled the world, and, most of all, my sturdy shoes - worn...

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How Do I Participate?

So glad you asked! Here's an overview of what Sheulogy is about and how to participate: Sheulogy.com is a place of participation and connection, a place to let your voice be heard. A sheulogy conveys simple elegant truths, giving us a glimpse into the unique journey...

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Father’s Day, Part 2eulogy

 (This is "Father's Day, Part 2eulogy'. To read Part 1, click here.) "I have issued you a return authorization number. The next step is to ship them to our office for evaluation."  This was in the email I received after submitting a warranty claim for my Oboz hiking...

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Love Doesn’t Flip-Flop

Shoe prejudice is real. For me, it was flip-flops. I’d say to myself, “Now, there’s someone who doesn’t deserve to be noticed, spoken to, or even considered a breathing individual.” The judgment went deep. When I saw someone wearing those things, the gears inside my...

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Closing The Loop

My youngest grandson, many years ago, had some difficulty lacing up his trainers. Mum helped, but he heard a lady say that he should be able to do up his laces himself, at his age. He felt ashamed, although he shouldn’t have done. His sadness, not to say the slight...

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Special thanks to Feel Into The Knowing for nominating Sheulogy for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It's a pleasure to read the stories and research you share about self-healing and how science and faith converge. A deep bow to you for taking notice of Sheulogy.com and...

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Love Welled

It was Winter of ’61, and we walked in our wellies oblivious to the cold to the farm for eggs for your Mother’s larder. My Mother bought hers at the corner shop so I imagined that I was in the countryside. And my borrowed wellies which were your sister’s felt...

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Mending Paper Wings

I flew once, with wings of paper, fragile, thin, breathtaking, painted every color of my dreams. Palate only of a child’s imagination. Whirling in the driveway to Aretha, spinning round spiral grooves etched into my vinyl mind, I flapped my wings like a frenzied...

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Pride Crushed Eggshells

In August 2018, I ordered a pair of Doc Martens. I’d been drooling over them for years but could never justify the expense. Armor for my TEDx Talk was the final push to splurge. One year later, on my 34th birthday, the boots broke. I’ve been reflecting on where they...

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