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My youngest grandson, many years ago, had some difficulty lacing up his trainers. Mum helped, but he heard a lady say that he should be able to do up his laces himself, at his age. He felt ashamed, although he shouldn’t have done.

His sadness, not to say the slight embarrassment he must have felt, only confounded the efforts that his little, rather clumsy fingers were attempting.

I wrote this for Sam, but also for his Mum, as encouragement for them both.

I’m sure the lady meant Sam no harm. But, oh, how we hurt when our children or grandchildren’s feelings are bruised!

I felt much better after writing the poem below.

Do encourage your little ones, even and especially when they struggle with tasks that are simple for most adults.  They will thank you for it, and the gratitude of a child is a precious gift indeed.

Small boy cannot do his lace
Reddens. Am I in disgrace?
Tries again with all he’s got
Still the lace won’t make a knot

Child, don’t fear; some grown-ups might
Tut, and multiply your plight

Mum is here, your hands she’ll guide
God is here, he’s on your side
Don’t forget that Jesus too
Once was a small boy like you

Love, Grandma

Written by: Dorinda MacDowell, UK

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