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If you look up “sheulogy” on Urban Dictionary you will see this:    

This definition was submitted by yours truly. My name is Tara Sage, a.k.a. SheulogyStories, the Urban Dictionary legend.  (I made it, Mom!)        

Sheulogy.com is a hodgepodge of my favorite things … shoes, writing, made-up words, true stories, life lessons, and shared journeys, all wrapped into one.

the heart 
of it

The concept and heartstrings behind Sheulogy.com has roots in my family. 

My old-soul niece, Mira, is the girl seen in the header hugging her soon-to-be-departed sparkly red shoes. The idea for Sheulogy came on the heels of having written a eulogy for my father after his death in 2018. This, and having the word “eulogy” rolling around in my brain, all seeded Sheulogy’s conception.  

I have experienced firsthand how healing it can be to write poignant personal stories of life, death, lessons, and legacy. Even moreso when they are shared. 

Like my niece, I love shoes and I find them hard to part with when they get old. I’m betting you do too. And so, Sheulogy was born – for her, for you, for us.  

My BIG VISION for Sheulogy: (see it with me please) Humans of New York appeal + the art of true storytelling rivaling The Moth Radio Hour + a global community of heart-centered shoe lovers coming together for online and in-person connection that instills and promotes kindness, empathy, and understanding for different experiences and points of view.  See it? Together we really are so much more.  

Tara Sage, founder & Curator  

I love the craft of writing, always have. As a kid I filled journal after journal. I blog and share my writing regularly on social media. I am a three-time published author (Are You Pregnant With a Dream?, 10 Things RV Dealerships Don’t Tell You About Nomadic Living, and contributing author to the Amazon Best Seller A Juicy Joyful Life). My next book, The Book of Brules, is in the works. 

I am a location-independent business owner, a life and business coach since 2004, and a full-time nomad. I live in an Airstream, traveling with my guy and our dog, working from the road, exploring at our own pace. I love cheese, hot springs, and salsa dancing. I am endlessly passionate about helping people live boundlessly and create a life and business they don’t need a vacation from.   

To learn more, visit my other website: www.TaraSageCoaching.com.  

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