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We love shoes. You love shoes. We love you. 

Sheulogy is a passion project 100% backed by Tara Sage, founder & curator. We thought you might like it if we provided you links to the shoes behind the stories, so here they are. Sheulogy does not earn a cent on any purchases that result from the links below, but we do ask that you share this site with your friends and devote a few minutes to post a comment on the stories that speak to you. 

Doing so helps our writers know that you’re reading and it helps us grow our communityThank you in advance! We so appreciate you supporting us in this way. It feels good … like, old-pair-of-favorite-shoes good.   

Tara’s dad’s Marathon Running Shoes

Mira’s sparkly red “Dorothy shoes”

The flip-flops Safiya wore in London  

Valentine chose purple, and self-love

Nch Ky’s movie theater Heelys 

Tara’s Santa Fe part 2eulogy hiking shoes 

Melissa’s haiku heels

Stella’s pink pumps

Tabitha Simmons Rise Pink Fluo Leather


Tara’s stylin’ snake prevention

Anonymous sturdy shoes

Dorinda’s grandson’s trainers

Matt’s gas station

Krystle’s TEDx boots

Danielle’s Jellys flew

Dorinda’s love welled in Wellys

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