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“A good eulogy is a celebration of life. A good sheulogy is a celebration of life and shoes.”

Tara Sage, founder


  • Follow all guidelines. Submissions that do not follow all guidelines will not be considered for publication.
  • Tell a poignant story about the journey you have personally walked in your shoes.
  • Tie your story to one specific pair of shoes. Include a link to the shoes (or a pair that closely resembles them) in the form below
  • You don’t necessarily need to be a shoe-lover to write a compelling sheulogy. You need only be a shoe-wearer and have a compelling story about the journey you have walked in those shoes.
  • A sheulogy conveys simple elegant truths. Write a piece that enriches, inspires, moves, entertains and/or teaches the reader something. If your sheulogy touches our soul, makes us smile or laugh, warms our heart, or inspires us to be kinder – huge bonus!
  • Consider: How does the legacy of your shoes live on? How does the journey you walked in them live in your heart and your memory?
  • Bring us into the experience. Include relevant what, where, when, why story of origin.
  • Throw your heart into it. Sharing a personal story of life, death, lessons, and legacy can be healing and deeply transformative. Let it be an extension of your unique voice, craft something you feel proud to have written.
  • Sheulogy does not publish content that is overtly religious, political, or advertorial.
  • Keep it concise. Maximum 750 words. If a thought can be conveyed in eight words please don’t use twenty.
  • We recommend reading a few published sheulogies to get a sense of the tone and feel we’re looking for. You will see examples of prose, poetry, and even a personal letter format. 
  • Check your spelling and grammar please. Thank you.

Be sure you save a copy of your work before pasting it into the form below!  

Did you leave a corporate job and drop the stilettos? Did you hike the Appalachian Trail on a whim? Did you walk out the door of an abusive relationship? Did you study abroad and learn a new language? Did you decide to start a business? Did you start running after a divorce? Did you wear power shoes to a big interview? Did you board a plane to meet your birth mom? Did you embark on a spiritual pilgrimage? Did you give birth in a taxi? Did you meet someone at a grocery store that changed your life?  

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have previously submitted a sheulogy, you will need to use a different email address than you did for your last submission. If you use the same email address as a past submission, we will not receive it and therefore will not be able to review it. 

Share a story from your journey and the shoes you walked in: 


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